In view of the focus shift towards sustainability and climate change, sustainability disclosure has been gaining traction in recent years, with more and more guidelines, standards and regulations published. Companies are highly encouraged to disclose their ESG performance to meet stakeholders’ increasing expectations and prepared for stricter regulation on sustainability disclosures in the near future. Mandatory ESG/ Sustainability reporting for listed companies is already mandatory in some places, including Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our experienced team can guide you through the sustainability reporting journey in accordance with recognised frameworks, including the Singapore Exchange (SGX) Sustainability Reporting Guide (Practice Note 7.6), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, Principle for Responsible Investment (PRI), Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendation, and International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) Standards, etc.

No matter you are new to sustainability reporting or an experienced player, GreenCo strives to provide outstanding and professional advisory / consultancy services to enhance your sustainability disclosure and performance. We customise the following services based on your reporting readiness to cater to your needs.

Testimonials and Clients’ Recognition

GreenCo’s team possess good technical knowledge and project management skills. They deliver top quality work well within tight timeframe. They also have great communication with clients.

Sustainability Director, a famous Gaming company in Macau

GreenCo’s team is helpful and always provides prompt responses. They have demonstrated professionalism in sharing valuable insight in ESG development.

Corporate Communications Director, a well-known chain Food and Beverage company in Hong Kong

We appreciate the competence and professionalism GreenCo’s team demonstrated during the preparation and delivery of the workshop and the analysis.

Group HR and Communications Director, a well-established chemical manufacturing company originated from China

Stakeholder Engagement in a Closer Look

Companies need to remain relevant to survive in a challenging business environment and to be relevant requires regular interaction with important stakeholder groups. A robust stakeholder engagement model is vital for companies to be able to understand and respond to legitimate stakeholder concerns. Business leaders and managers will normally be able to list their key stakeholders and concerns, but not furnish the structure and process of engagement as easily.

  • Define the scope of the policy. The background, logic and aim of the policy should be included to set the scene for the policy

  • Define the ownership and decision-making process
  • Define the governance process such as internal or external review

  • Develop an engagement action plan, including method and frequency
  • Develop post stakeholder engagement action plan
  • Facilitate the stakeholder engagement process
  • Identify the legitimate concerns and interest of key stakeholders by materiality matrix
  • Design a process for dealing with conflicts between stakeholder concerns Matters of interest and concerns can typically be grouped into the following categories:

economic/financial (profitability, cash flow, dividend policy, pricing, growth rate, exchange control); environment (carbon footprint, water, waste management, recycling, compliance) and social (health and safety, skills retention, ethics, transformation, training).

  • Define a mechanism to feed stakeholder concerns into strategic planning to ensure alignment. Stakeholder engagement results or insights are valuable that should be well organized and be presented to the management.
  • Provide feedback to stakeholder groups.
  • Prepare an integrated report of stakeholder engagement in ESG / sustainability report, incorporating relevant aspects of the policy and process. The Integrated Report should be addressed to key stakeholders.

We help you engage the stakeholders, conduct materiality assessment, review the sustainability status and conclude their expectation on environmental issues and social development of the enterprise in order to help you make modification accordingly and gain long-term profits.

Stakeholders Influence on Organization and Organization Impact on Stakeholders Matter!

Misunderstanding of stakeholder engagement

Usually a company takes the stakeholder engagement as part of the activities of public relations or communications. When a company comes to map stakeholders, they focus only to those they know well or to those who speak loudest, not mentioning the difficulties they are facing when transforming the gathered information into business intelligence.

Proper Reporting and Disclosure

We provide guidance on ESG-related data collection, identify ways of improvement on data reporting, advise on the development of reporting framework, assist in drafting the content of sustainability report in compliance with SGX Sustainability Reporting Guide and with reference to the GRI Reporting Standards to ensure that the expectations of stakeholders are addressed.

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