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GreenCo Empowers F&B Industry Client with Tailored Climate Disclosures Training

GreenCo understands the unique challenges and requirements faced by businesses in different industries. Hence, the one-on-one training session was meticulously designed to address the specific needs of the F&B industry client.

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ESG Case Study: Circular Economy in Manufacturing Industry

Circular Economy: In a linear economy, we consume resources with the concept of “take-make-dispose”, which is an unsustainable production and consumption pattern. In contrast, the concept of “end-of-life” does not exist under the Circular Economy, materials are not discarded after they are used, instead, they are circulated in various ways. Throughout the years, there have been loads of academics coming up with the definitions of Circular Economy with their focus shifted towards the higher parts of the waste hierarchy. However, the literature studying the Circular Economy implementation in the manufacturing industry is still scarce.

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Training Material on TCFD – Guidance on Metrics, Targets, and Transition Plans

Overview: Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) released the Guidance in October 2021 to address recent developments and feedbacks from users, preparers, and other stakeholders in their implementation of the TCFD recommendations by providing additional guidelines for preparers regarding disclosures of climate-related metrics, targets and key information from transition plans.

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